Rangpur, was once the capital of the Ahom rulers who dominated Assam for more than 600 years. They ruled Assam virtually uninterrupted for 6 centuries until their kingdom fell to the Burmese in 1819, and their ruling class was all but wiped out. The province was liberated by the British in 1825 but, owing to the state of anarchy which prevailed in the province, it was completely annexed in 1826.

Coordinates- 26°45′N -27°15′N Latitude and 94°25′E -95°25′E Longitude
Time zone IST – (UTC+05:30)
Area: 2668 Sq Km.
Average Rainfall- Approximate 2045.3 mm (81.6 inch)
Wind Direction- North- East to South- West
Elevation- 86.67 metres
Temperature Max. 42.8 Deg. Cel.
Min. 2.8 Deg. Cel.

Sivasagar (previously spelled Sibsagar) is a town in the Sibsagar district in the state of Assam in India, about 360 kilometres (224 mi) north east of Guwahati. . It is the district headquarter of the Sivasagar district.

River System-The Brahmaputra flows from East to West along with the northern boundary which is at about 15 Km. from the Town. Other Rivers flowing through the District are- Desang, Darika, Dekhow, Mitang, Jhanji, Tawkak.

In 2011, Sivasagar had population of 1,151,050 of which male and female were 589,216 and 561,834 respectively. In 2001 census, Sivasagar had a population of 1,051,736 of which males were 545,476 and remaining 506,260 were females.
The initial provisional data released by census India 2011, shows that density of Sivasagar district for 2011 is 431 people per sq. km. In 2001, Sivasagar district density was at 377 people per sq. km. Sivasagar district administers 2,668 square kilometers of area.
Average literacy rate of Sivasagar in 2011 was 80.41 compared to 74.47 of 2001. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy were 85.84 and 74.71 respectively. For 2001 census, same figures stood at 81.53 and 66.81 in Sivasagar District. Total literate in Sivasagar District were 813,505 of which male and female were 444,767 and 368,738 respectively.
In census enumeration, data regarding child under 0-6 age were also collected for all districts including Sivasagar. There were total 139,380 children under age of 0-6 against 149,124 of 2001 census. Of total 139,380 male and female were 71,102 and 68,278 respectively. Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011 was 960 compared to 968 of census 2001. In 2011, Children under 0-6 formed 12.11 percent of Sivasagar District compared to 14.18 percent of 2001. There was net change of -2.07 percent in this compared to previous census of India.
Description    2011    2001
Actual Population    1,151,050    1,051,736
Male    589,216    545,476
Female    561,834    506,260
Population Growth    9.44%    15.83%
Area Sq. Km    2,668    2,668
Density/km2    431    377
Proportion to Assam Population    3.69%    3.95%
Sex Ratio (Per 1000)    954    928
Child Sex Ratio (0-6 Age)    960    968
Average Literacy    80.41    74.47
Male Literacy    85.84    81.53
Female Literacy    74.71    66.81
Total Child Population (0-6 Age)    139,380    149,124
Male Population (0-6 Age)    71,102    75,767
Female Population (0-6 Age)    68,278    73,357
Literates    813,505    7,965,351
Male Literates    444,767    4,376,341
Female Literates    368,738    3,589,009
Child Proportion (0-6 Age)    12.11%    14.18%
Boys Proportion (0-6 Age)    12.07%    13.89%
Girls Proportion (0-6 Age)    12.15%    14.49%

Sivasagar carries a pleasant weather throughout the year. The temperature generally ranges from 8° Celsius in winter to 35° Celsius during summer. The district is characterized by highly humid atmosphere and abounded rains .The regular rains of the summer generally prevent the prevalence of the hot weather. After the rainy season the cooler autumn start from October and real cold weather prevails from the end of November and continues till the middle of February. The winter season is followed by occasional thunder storms from March to May. The Temperature begins to rise from the beginning of March and in July and August it reaches the maximum.

Agriculture and allied sector (Livestock farming) is the prime sector of occupation of the people of district. People also engaged in different types of bussiness related to tea, oil industry etc. Small tea growers are seen to the north of the district. Tea tribes have generally  been engaged in the small and big tea gardens of the district. A portion of People of sivasagar is also found engaged in Oil Fields as ONGC has been drilling crude oil exploration business in SivasagarDistrict  since a long time. There is also OIL operating in the district. GAIL (Gas Authority of India) with its HQ at Lakwa is also providing Pipe Gas Services in Sivasagar where a numbers of population engaged in this sector.  Other small industries like Bamboo, Cane etc. and occupation i.e. Govt. & Private Service , fishing, wholesell& retail business  etc. also providing livelyhood to a large portion of the people of the district.

Land Use & Agriculture:
Gross Cropped area: 146208 Hec.
Net Cropped area: 109928 hec.

Agri Production:
Rice: 35171759 MT
Oilseed: 28050 MT
Pulse: 36823MT
Veg. 138329.9 MT
Fruits  440586 MT
Spices  84045 MT

Cropping Pattern:
i.    Winter Rice Only
ii.    Rice- Rice
iii.    Rice- Veg- Rice
iv.    Rice- Pulse- Rice
v.    Rice-Oilseed- Rice
vi.    Rice-Rice- Veg.
vii.    Rice- Potato-Rice

1.    GGS & Pipe Installation of ONGC Ltd.
2.    LPG Plant of Gail
3.    OIL India Ltd.
4.    Thermal Power Project
5.    Installation of Assam gas Co. Ltd.
6.    The factories in different tea gardens

Political & Administration:
Sivasagar is part of JorhatLokSabha constituency.
i.    Sub Division:    3 Nos
1.    Sivasagar (S)
2.    Nazira( C)
3.    Charaideo (C )

ii.    Revenue Circle Office:        7Nos
1.    Sonari
2.    Demow
3.    Nazira
4.    Mahmora
5.    Sivasagar
6.    Amguri
7.    Sapekhati

iii.    Development Block:    9 Nos
1.    Sivasagar Dev. Block
2.    Amguri Dev. Block
3.    Gaurisagar Dev. Block
4.    Demow dev. Block
5.    DesangpaniDev.Block
6.    Lakwa Dev. Block
7.    Sapekhati Dev. Block
8.    Sonari Dev. Block
9.    PachimAbhoypur Dev. Block

Total Villages-                 878
Total Gram Panchayat.-        118

Educational Institution:
Colleges-                13
High & Higher Secondary Schol-    258
M.E. School-                360
Primary School-            1720

Health Institution:
Civil Hospital-1
MPHC- 28 Nos
SHC- 4 Nos
CHC- 2 Nos
BPHC- 8 Nos
SDCH-2 Nos
Sub Centre-219

Private Hospital & Nursing Home-     6Nos
Pharmacy-                 38Nos
Blood Donor-                525 (as per Civil Defence Report)
Veterinary Hospital/Dispensary-        21 Nos